NVIDIA Is Reportedly Looking into Becoming an Anchor Investor for ARM after Its Initial Public Offering Stage


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May 28, 2019
It may not yet be the end of the story regarding a deal between the two as NVIDIA is reportedly looking into becoming an investor for ARM. The news comes via the Financial Times that SoftBank, which currently owns ARM Ltd., is in talks with multiple partners including NVIDIA to invest in it followings its IPO. SoftBank had previously been working on a deal estimated to be worth $80 billion which fell through in February 2022. However, an anonymous source has said that a new investment deal could be in the works instead.

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Of course they are. Why wouldn't they. Their war chest is appropriately large. They've already made it clear they have a real interest in the Company. Buying as large a chunk of the public offering as they legally can makes perfect sense. ALL of the other big players will be doing the same thing. If you think AMD, Intel, Microsoft, and Amazon arn't doing this you're delusional.
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