NVIDIA RTX TITAN to Feature Triple-Fan Setup, It’s Claimed


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May 6, 2019
NVIDIA is preparing a new TITAN RTX graphics card that will feature a triple-fan setup, according to hardware leaker @kopite7kimi, who took to Twitter yesterday and claimed that the alleged renders of the flagship GPU that have been going around, which show it as having dual 16-pin power connectors and a quad-slot design, are "totally fake."

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Everyone pretty much knows there will be something coming out to succeed the 4090. NV left enough unused on the die to be obvious with the usual ~10% gain left to be had. A number of us though have already been wondering if it marks the return of the Titan or is another Ti. I recommend they stick with Ti if the rumors about the gains for the 50 series are to be believed because it used to be that if you had a Titan it wasn't just automatically dethroned with the next x80 or x90 release. If they do a Titan it should be a bit more exceptional than a mere ~10% improvement over the current x90.
Huh ... In my mind I always equated a Titan with "two GPUS linked by internal SLI on one board." Maybe that's how they started, and the boards have always been beyond my budget and use case so I never looked into them any further.
Was the Titan W ever released? I've never seen that card. I'm assuming it's two Titan V (V100 GPU)?

It was posted on April 1. That's an april fools joke. lmao

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I believe they did dual cards before the 490 and named them something X2. Pretty sure I had one, can't remember what it was though, 9800GX2 I think? Card ran super hot, but if you could get the cooling in check it was pretty strong for it's day.
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So, its Turing, not Ada Lovelace.


The Titan hasnt been a gaming product for some time now. I expect it to have super crazy Enterprise pricing and not even have game optimized drivers.
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