Only 25% of Xbox Series Owners are Series X Owners, according to Leaked Court Documents


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May 6, 2019
The Xbox Series S has been criticized for its weaker hardware, prompting some to accuse it of holding gaming back, but is it going anywhere? Probably not, as the big Xbox court document leak that occurred earlier this week has now revealed that the Xbox Series S is far more popular than the Series X, with 75% of Xbox Series owners having gone for the all-digital system instead. Mat Piscatella, Executive Director and Video Game Industry Analyst at Circana, has said that these numbers are outdated, however, claiming that Series X and Series S sales are actually quite equal based on more recent data. (The court documents figures are said to be from 2022.)

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Ugh, if that's true, that's not gonna help convince Microsoft to stop focusing on the dang thing. It will linger around, continuing to piss off devs and hold back game development. XBSX and PS5 should be the weakest systems of the generation. XBSS just lowers the whole d4mn bar further.
I’m not surprised. It took a long time for the X to get generally available while the S has been on discount everywhere almost since its introduction - even during the pandemic
Yeah, sales numbers for Sony and MS are somewhat skewed considering that where you live, one or both, were not available at MSRP for their 1st one or two years of release. Scalpers went nuts with them just like they did with the 30-series GPUs. Here's hoping the next round of hardware releases doesn't go through the same thing.
Series S being sold more than X is a surprise to nobody. Even with pandemic money people were still being limited on entertainment spends... unless it was just extra bonus money really for them and not something needed to sustain.

Just like most people run mid tier video cards and parts even if they are in the DIY space.

Those of us on this forum are really the 1% as far as what we are willing to spend on computer/gaming stuff.
This was during initial capacity constrained days. Now the number is more like 50-50
It was a stupid idea to make a two tiered console generation. I bet a big chunk of the buyers of the S series didn't even know what they were buying they just thought oh it's the new xbox, without realizing that the S and X are two completely separate consoles basically.
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