Password Manager, LastPass, Hit with Class Action Lawsuit Following a Recent Security Breach


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May 28, 2019
Even if a database is successfully scraped of basic info there could potentially be plenty to provide them with means of further attacks on users but that and more, seems to be the crux of this lawsuit and evidently, this is not the first time that LastPass has suffered a breach.

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All the issues LastPass has had in recent times, I had friends who were using LastPass switch to KeePass and Bitwarden. I myself never bothered to use a password manager. Instead I keep a text file with vague hints as to the passwords for all my accounts - hints so vague that sometimes they don't even help me remember!
I don't personally use any pw managers but at work we use Lastpass. At home I use a spiral notepad, but there have been times when I'm on the road where that doesn't work out.
No matter what strategy there are always pros and cons to each solution. I know someone that uses paper notebooks as well and they're constantly having problems keeping track, this was recommended by college professors in my security class and I used to do this but at work, I've got close to a hundred or more now (no exaggerating-nearly 20 years at a job will do that when you wear as many hats as I do) and then close to 3 dozen for personal. Meanwhile, I will password-protect a file with everything and keep it on external media, and update it as needed. But just like paper, if lost or compromised that becomes an issue but it at least doesn't allow the kit and kaboodle to be on the cloud.
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