Philips Announces 27-Inch 4K OLED Monitor for Professional Market

As another said that resolution at the small of a size will not work well. I don't get it.
The upside for this monitor is that the dot pitch is tight, which may allow one to free up graphics computational overhead resources by reducing or eliminating anti-aliasing. Jaggies are not a big deal when the pixels are tiny and closely spaced.
I love my 27” 4Ks. I run at 150% scaling on Windows, on OS X it just works fine at Native. On Windows it’s obvious when something doesn’t support the scaling natively, but those are becoming more rare and for things that do the text and static pictures are super sharp.

To each their own.
The smallest I've gone with 4K is 31". It was an LG monitor that I paid around $1K for back around 2017(I think). It was at the beginning of the introduction of 4K monitors and, like this Philips, made for professional use but before the high framerate or HDR, gaming stuff started coming out. I loved it though. The image and colors (true 10-bit) were so crisp that I saw details in games I'd never seen before.
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