PlayStation Patents “Emotion Detection & Moderation Based on Voice Inputs”


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May 6, 2019
Sony Interactive Entertainment has seemingly won a patent that may allow future PlayStation consoles and hardware to figure out what the player's emotional state is by analyzing their voice. "Systems and methods for emotion detection and emotion-based moderation based on voice inputs are provided," begins an abstract for a new filing titled "Emotion Detection & Moderation Based on Voice Inputs" that was published on March 30, 2023, and while there's some talk of memory profiles being involved, at least one portion of the filing teases potential gaming applications, such as players wanting to control what kind of emotions they want to experience during a game. One possibility could be a game that automatically lowers its difficulty when it detects the player being frustrated and angry.

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I want Bobcat Goldthwait to do a number with this tech. I can already visualize the smoke rising from the machine as it tries to interpret his emotions.
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