Possible Discovery of a Black Hole and Neutron Star Colliding


May 11, 2019
Something something … Yo Mama!

Scientists have supposedly spotted a Black Hole and a Neutron Star getting it on.

“Gravitational-wave hunters may have spotted their most exotic quarry yet. On 14 August at 5:10:39 p.m. EDT, a trio of gigantic detectors in the United States and Italy detected a pulse of gravitational waves—ripples in space itself—apparently set off when a black hole and a neutron star spiraled into each other about 900 million light-years away. Observers had previously spotted numerous mergers of black holes and one merger of neutron stars, but never a combination. The new find could give new insights into neutron stars, which are made of the densest matter in the cosmos.”Science Mag

Giggity giggity!

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That's pretty cool... and terrifying all at once. We are so **** tiny in this universe. I'm waiting on someone smarter and more powerful to come take us over and hopefully keep us from self destructing.
Holy beejeesit batman! I can't even imagine the scales and diversity of radiation that must be around that event horizon.
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