Recommendations Please: 850-1000 watt PSU


Nov 9, 2019
I havnt followed PSU's closely, is there a new generational update to be pcie 5 compatible?

Reliability and power efficiency are my primary concerns, though cost of the unit is a factor too, lets try for under $250 and preferable under $150-ish.

I will also be getting a new x670e mobo, ryzen (likely 7950) cpu and drdr 5 ram, all at the same time.

May also get a new AIO too, may not. I think my current one will mount on am 5?

Current build, plan to go into this case:

Well semi current build, that's my old gpu.
And yes I've already cleaned off the finger prints.
I've been using an FSP 1200W Gen 5 PSU and it's been rock solid. You can find the 1000W version with a current $20 off coupon
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May also get a new AIO too, may not. I think my current one will mount on am 5?

Your current AIO should mount fine on AM5 - in general, anything that used the generic backplate for AM4 should mount just fine on AM5. The main outliers are things that used some form of custom backplate for AM4 (e.g. the Enermax LIQTECH III that I reviewed several years ago - however, Enermax does make the brackets available for retrofitting).

On the power supply front, you'll want to aim for a "ATX 3.0" compatible supply as that should meet the higher requirements for transient load spikes. Paul is starting to get some in to review, but it may be a few months before they get published. Note that ATX 3.0 doesn't necessarily mean it'll have a HVPWR cable, but generally speaking it will. There are also a set of supplies out there that have HVPWR cables but are not necessarily ATX 3.0 (as they were produced before the spec was finalized). Something like the Seasonic Vertex GX-1000 or MSI MPG A1000G (or the lower wattages in those families) would be decent to look at.
These days I mostly recommend 1000W or higher. 850W will get the job done for most folks but will work harder. I haven't truly measured from the wall with my rigs but on average with the games I play at 4K, 60-120 FPS depending on the display, I see an average of 300-550W between the GPU and CPU via Afterburner. I tend to round up another 50W or so for the rest of the rig (not including the display). I know it's not very scientific but I feel confident that on average its using upwards of 500-600W during some moments of gaming using max RT settings and everything else. At that point, I know a 1200W is barely waking up and a 1000W is barely breaking a sweat. 850W could probably do well for years but the other downside is it well generate more heat due to working harder. I saw this happen recently when I was using a 1000W in my H7 case and then swapped in a 1200W to bring overall temps down. Since your case is more open that might not be an issue though. Meanwhile, I threw that same 1000W in my HAF X case, a behemoth, and it has so much air it doesn't even make a dent in the rigs temps.
Seventeen days till my quarterly bonus.

Any last PSU suggestions? :)
Seasonic has always served me well.
Quite a few companies make really good power supplies, but it's hard for me to buy a PSU that's not from Seasonic. They were one of the first ones to start slapping 10-year-warranties on the things. Also if I recall correctly, Seasonic is one of the few - if not the only - PSU manufacturers who supply reviewers with retail stock. No cherry-picked units. Reviewers get the same units that the rest of us can buy.

My current Seasonic-built 850W Corsair unit recently hit 13 years of daily operation. This year has been especially hard on it cuz @Peter_Brosdahl hooked me up with an RTX 3090 back in January. The PSU is definitely due for a replacement though. When I finally get some funds to build my next main PC I'm grabbing a new PSU. My current one certainly outlived the warranty. Speaking of, my Corsair H100i AIO unit will hit 9 years soon, far outliving that 5-year warranty.
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