Right tool for the right job. Does RT, DXR, need to be in every game right now?


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May 28, 2019
Of course not. Right tool for the right job. Shouldn't be a hard concept. At this point most of us know that using ray tracing is going give performance hits. Using it for games that have less frame, or speed related, needs makes sense to me. I thought BFV was a bit of a wasted implementation. However both SOTTR and Metro Exodus showed it can be impressive in games where you might actually spend time walking around and experiencing the environment. Well having said all that, we now know that Assetto Corsa Competizione(thanks TM!) will be dropping their plans to implement RTX in the game and I honestly think that's great choice. Seriously, at over 100 mph who's going to notice accurate lighting or shadows?

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Same as other tech... It first makes good screen shots and tech demos before becoming it actually useful. At least this is typical for new features.
I agree.
Its going to be a difficult choice moving forward for devs and consumers.

NVidias RTX hardware needs to catch up with the rest of the GPUs performance, and it could still be a troublesome balancing act when it is finally somewhere near.
Right now its a tough sell for many game styles and because of the huge performance hit in others.

AMDs approach is (will be) to use shaders for everything which could be the better option for the consumer because you get a choice what to use the full power of the gfx card for.
But the need for higher power at UHD and higher res will make it a very tough call to select RT unless AMD produce some strong competition.

It will be quite a few years before either can get a grip on the performance required.
Unless AMD can beat the 2080ti performance with their new NAVI, they will be lagging way behind NVidias next release.
RT could be an NVidia only showcase for some time.
However, uptake will be made even slower with the current pricing, everyone needs the fastest card in the range or its not worth using RT.
AMD cards might actually be faster than NVidia when not using RT because they wont have as much wasted silicon.
It will be interesting how this unfolds.
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