Samsung Introduces New M8 Smart Monitors in White, Pink, Blue, and Green


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May 6, 2019
Need a pink monitor to go with that Hello Kitty-themed entertainment room you've been building? Samsung has just the thing with its newly announced M8 series, a lineup of smart monitors that come in a wide range of colors for users who have grown tired of the usual silver and black.

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4k 60hz isn't really all that bad for gaming. Sure it isn't competitive twitch gaming fast... but for the target people... streamers and other social media types and those that love pastel colored things where beauty before function rules supreme... then these will sell in droves.

With the proliferation of women in technical fields and more women leaders and honestly if returning to the office comes with an office done in a color scheme that the end user wants... these could be considered a cost to bring people back to the office. I wouldn't sneeze at a pair of these on my desk to do work on.
Yeah they don't look bad for everyday office use - 32" 4K, built in webcam, with that utterly fake HDR, with USB-C that can charge a laptop.

But I don't know of many workplaces that will drop $700 on a generic workstation monitor, given that Dell combos usually come with something utterly cheap and useable - even 32" 4K can be found for under $400. And if you are buying a monitor outside of the generic combo, you usually have some very specific requirements (color accuracy, resolution, something), and this doesn't really meet anything special.
I'd be interested in one if it was 21:9 or 32:9 and the smart apps actually scaled properly. Throw in 120+ Hz and VRR(G-Sync compatible) and you really are starting to get my attention. As is, not horrible but not exciting either.
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