Samsung Launches 43-Inch Odyssey Neo G7, Its First Mini-LED Flat Gaming Monitor (4K, 144 Hz)


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May 6, 2019
Samsung has announced the global launch of the Odyssey Neo G7 (G70NC), the company's first flat Mini-LED gaming monitor, featuring a matte 43-inch screen with 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160), VESA Display HDR600 and HDR 10+ certification, Quantum Matrix Technology, and other features. It will be available globally from Q1 2023, with launch schedules varying by region.

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Thanks I'm betting... 1500 dollars. No thanks too expensive.
43” is bigger than I would like - I’d vastly prefer 36” for fitting on my desk, but this might be the first 4k monitor I’ve seen that checks the 144hz refresh and HDR boxes
happy with my LG C2 that I got for around $800, so no reason to upgrade.
Wow! I just checked BB and they've got 'em for $899.99. I forgot they dropped in price recently. If I had the money to spare, and a graphics card that could drive 'em, and had 2x HDMI (Strix are about the only ones who still do that), I'd get a pair for 4K 32:9 but even a 4090 can't really pull that off. Still, though, I think this price is a great value for what this display has to offer.
Panel type listed as "Quantum Dot Mini-LED", which translates as 'we don't want to tell you it's a VA panel, so we're not going to tell you what panel we used and just refer to it by the type of backlight'.

Mini-LED can improve contrast and perhaps improve response times - but if they're going with a VA panel at 43", which historically have been panels that are tuned for TV usage and thus have pretty awful text rendering, well, that would just be what Samsung does.

Main benefit to something like this over a 42" LG OLED would be max brightness and hopefully no auto-dimming.
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