SilverStone IceMyst 420 AIO CPU Cooler Review


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Apr 23, 2019
Introduction Founded in 2003 and based in Taiwan, SilverStone prides itself in its case, power supply cooling and other accessory devices for PC enthusiasts and other end users. SilverStone is no stranger to the cooling business as it sports a large variety of air and water coolers for your toasty CPUs in desktop, workstation, and […]

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Wow what a beast! Impressive. It's a shame that the IMF70 doesn't add much for the CPU cooling but incredibly impressive what it did for the DDR5.
All this shows me is that I need to somehow mount some 120mm fans to blow directly on the VRMs and RAM of my builds. I already mounted two 40mm fans to the VRMs on my dual EPYC setup. Used some zipties to secure them to the tiny heatsink on them. Helps keep the VRMs from hitting the throttling temps. However, maybe I should just mount some horizonal 120mm fans above the RAM and VRM area to keep the airflow going on all my systems.
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