Sony Announces Availability of 790" 16K Crystal LED Display


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May 6, 2019
For rich folks with plenty of wall space, 8K is already old news. Sony has begun selling a 16K (8640p) HDR modular "Crystal LED" display system, which can be configured to a gigantic 790" (63ft (W) x 18ft (H)).

The display comprises ultra-fine micro-LED that are "100 times smaller than traditional LEDs," measuring "half the width of a human hair." No pricing was given, but the set could easily cost millions.

"Crystal LED delivers over a million-to-one contrast ratio, the most accurate light levels, low heat emission and a picture quality that is absolutely breathtaking. By offering the display in modular configurations, consumers now have an exciting new option for the transition from home projection systems and large-screen TVs."
just what kind of device is going to be able to deliver content to these bad boys?
Should come with a disclaimer to the effect of "Native content may not exist for most of a decade and not responsible for failed IQ resulting from 10x-20x upscaling of non 16k content".
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