Sony Is Rumored to Be Releasing Its Next Triple-A Game for PC Sometime in July


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May 28, 2019
A leaker claims that Sony is rumored to be releasing its next PC port sometime in the next couple of months. Leaker “The Snitch” has posted, that despite there being no mention at this week's PlayStation Showcase, there is a gaming coming for PC in July and when asked, confirmed that it will be a AAA game.

While there were a number of big announcements, some of which that had been expected, there was not much said regarding what was next on Sony's plate in terms of its next PC port. The Last of Us Part I is still relatively new having only just been released in March and although it got off to a rocky start it has seen its share of improvements.

If this rumor pans out to be true it is unknown which game will be next to come to PC. There are additional rumors that Nixxes (Spider-Man Remastered) has been tasked with prepping Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart for PC. Those rumors were sparked following a programmer job posting from Nixxes which focused on experience in bringing games to PC. There has also been speculation it could be Ghost of Tsushima.

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I don't even consider Ratchet and Clank a triple A game. And I couldn't care less about it.
This was another one of the Sony-exclusive games I really wanted to come to PC (and the one I least expected to come to PC). Nixxes did a pretty dang good job with the PC port of Spider-Man Remastered, so I am expecting good things from this one. I ain't paying $60 though, not when I've seen the game on PS5 for $30. If things keep going like this though, 9th-gen might be the first generation I'll sit out on since I got into this shiznit with 2nd-gen, in terms of owning a console.

The only R&C games I didn't care for was the very first one, and the last one on PS3 Into The Nexus. The 2nd game Going Commando got me into the series after that first game almost kept me away. It was just okay though. The 3rd game Up Your Arsenal was pretty dang awesome. The 4th PS2 game Deadlocked was also a great game, and I played through that game a ridiculous amount of times. Your gear carries over into each New Game+ run, so I maxed the sh1t outta weapons and certain upgrades/abilities after all those runs. Then the series took a slightly different turn on PS3 with the R&C Future series. The first game in that series Tools of Destruction was pretty good, went through that one twice. There was also the smaller standalone DLC game that followed it, Quest For Booty, which wasn't bad. But the next game, A Crack In Time, was in my opinion the absolute height of R&C, and definitely the best game in the series. I played through that one at least a couple times too. Then some of the devs who were the main driving force behind the series left Insomniac, and we got Into The Nexus. Ugh. I would have preferred it if that one hadn't come out. Also the storyline that started with Tools of Destruction and continued with A Crack In Time never got its conclusion. So when the series got a remake of the first game that was also a reboot for the series on PS4, I didn't hope for much. I was pretty wrong about the game though, it was good. I borrowed that one and a PS4 to play it before I had my own PS4, and then later Sony gave the game away for free (which is when I did my 2nd run with the game). Not the best game in the series, there are others I prefer, but still a very nice comeback after Into The Nexus. So I had been looking forward to Rift Apart. Heard good things about it from friends who played it.

I'm glad it's ending up on PC. I'm sure I would have been able to borrow a PS5 and the game from a friend, but I would much rather just have it on PC. I turned down an offer to borrow a PS5 to play Horizon Forbidden West cuz I am holding out for a PC version (but the main driving force there are the controls). Still need Ghost of Tsushima and GoW5: Ragnarok to come out on PC. The latter is a newer game though, and a current-gen game. GoT is from last-gen, it's overdue for PC. Although when it comes to PC, it will come too late to help me cuz I already went through it on PS4. I don't own the game though, I borrowed it. That version came out before the DLC did, so I haven't gotten a chance to play that. Owning it on PC would have been a good time to do that, but my save file is stuck on consoles. I suspect one day I'll have to play it on a PS5 (not PS4 cuz f*ck 30fps, I already played through the whole main game at 30fps, not doing that again).

Oh yeah, about the side R&C games: the PSP game Size Matters was barely okay. I didn't bother to finish it. Secret Agent Clank on PSP was also okay I guess, but again I lost interest and didn't finish it. I've never played the co-op multiplayer game All 4 One, or Full Frontal Assault which I don't even remember what game that is. Those were from that whole dark time period between A Crack In Time and R&C 2016, so I'm not expecting either of those to be decent.
R&C on the PS4 I tought was pretty good, this one I did not finish, found it to be pretty frustrating at times and lost interest.

I also did not care for the constant swapping of toons, maybe makes sence story wise but feels somewhat forced
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