Starfield Set for H1 2023 Launch, Exclusively for Xbox Series X|S and PC: Bethesda Support


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May 6, 2019
Starfield will be available to play relatively soon on select platforms, according to a new Bethesda Support document that states the new sci-fi RPG from the studio behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series will arrive exclusively for the Xbox Series X|S and PC in the first half of 2023.

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I'm looking forward to this one.

It looks pretty promising, provided the dual first/third person things works out.

Being Bethesda, it will probably be similar to how it was implemented in the Fallout series, which wasn't bad.

In my head I'm kind of picturing it as an "Outer Worlds" but more gritty and less goofy. I hope I'm right.
I'm looking forward to this one as well and really hoping it launches in a decent state so that it's not another game I have to wait 1-2 years to get finished after release. They've got a decent track record but it has been a while since a truly original release and not some kind of remaster/repackage. I never got far into Outer Worlds. It came free with my X570 board, or something else I bought back then when doing the 3700X build. It just didn't draw me in at the time and I've always thought about giving it another try but haven't made the time. Bethesda is very hit-or-miss with me.
I got a 3 month games pass subscription with my 3700x that's how I played Outer Worlds. Can't believe it was over 3 years ago now. But here is my take on it:
Just copy and paste the address, for some reason the forum didn't update the link when I edited it only the text.
There, I fixed it, but had to go into BBcode mode in the editor.

Alright, with that fixed, I agree with that review.

I thought it was a fun game that didn't feel forced. It was a little short, and I didn't like the way they did the expansions, so when you came back to play them you had to load a save from before the end of the game to access them.

I would have preferred it with less of the goofball **** (like the moon helmets, and stuff like that) and instead more gritty and realistic, but that's just me. Judging by how it keeps popping up in all of these titles, there must be someone out there who loves the goofy ****. That's just not me.

One annoying thing that I couldn't get over was how everyone wears their helmets all the time, even when back on the ship, and how there was no way to remove a helmet once you put it on for the first time (other than going into game options and hiding helmets, which was kind of a hack). It would have been nice if they had auto-hidden helmets in non combat scenes.

All together, pet peeve's aside I enjoyed that game. I thought the story was well told and it made for a fun game.
I agree with your review as well but I only put maybe 2 hours into the game. It didn't rub me wrong, just didn't stay interested enough to keep going.
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