Striking Distance Studios CEO Addresses The Callisto Protocol’s Launch State as It Continues to Receive Patches to Fix Stuttering and Other Optim...


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May 28, 2019
Striking Distance Studios CEO, Glen A. Schofield, has been responding to complaints regarding the launch state of The Callisto Protocol.

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I read some stuff in some other threads that I couldn't verify, but to the effect that Sony provided a significant amount of labor to assist with the game but those same comments alluded that's why the game seems to perform near flawlessly on the PS4/PS5. Sounds like they needed more time, or help, with PC/Xbox and didn't get it. Those same comments were blaming AMD, as a sponsor, because of this but again, I couldn't verify any of this. Ultimately it sounds like there was a bit more going on behind the scenes than we know but I'm glad Mr. Schofield and team are doing their best now. I hope they can also get the rest they need because I really do know what its like to push yourself so hard that the trains come off the tracks.
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