Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within, Ghostwire: Tokyo) Rumored to Announce New Sci-Fi Shooter: “Hi-Fi Rush”


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May 6, 2019
Tango Gameworks is the developer behind the The Evil Within games and Ghostwire: Tokyo, a first-person action-adventure set in Japan's capital that has received generally favorable reviews by players since its release in March 2022. According to a fresh leak from billbil-kun (a leaker who's gained fame for leaking PS Plus monthly games early), the developer will be announcing its next game, Hi-Fi Rush (Project Hibiki), very soon, likely during the Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Direct that is set to premiere tomorrow.

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I'll be interested in seeing how this turns out. I got Ghostwire: Tokyo as a bundle for something (pretty sure it and Doom Eternal w/ a 3090 Ti). I really liked the visuals, gameplay, and plot, but eventually, all the text dialog just wore me down. I'm sure it was done to try and keep costs down instead of hiring voice actors, but man there was a ton of it. I never did finish it but put about ~20 hours into it, and then Spider-Man Remastered came out, which I totally ground away at to completely finish, and I haven't gone back since.

I doubt I will ever finish it since I'm more into replaying the following games after the 4090 and 3090 Ti upgrades on my rigs, plus the rebuild of the 3700x that I'm hoping to finish by Saturday: Metro Exodus Enhanced, Witcher 3 Enhanced, and will be starting the Dead Space Remake this weekend. Plus I'm already thinking of replaying Horizon Zero Dawn again and maybe even God of War. Heck, I didn't think it was possible but I'm even starting to feel like doing a replay of CB 2077 with the 4090, and only just finished that a couple of weeks back.

Back on topic: Based on what I experienced with Ghostwire I think a Sci-Fi shooter could be right up their alley and they could do really well with it.
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