Tim Sweeney Calls Out Steam After Launching Self-Publishing Tools for Epic Games Store: “Steam Has Created a Real Problem for the Industry”


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May 6, 2019
The Epic Games Store launched self-publishing tools for game developers and publishers today, and while Epic has assured that they will enable developers and publishers to efficiently release games, maintain their store presence directly, and reach a growing audience of over 68 million monthly active users, the announcement has also prompted Tim Sweeney to talk some more trash about his main competitor. Speaking to PC Gamer, the Epic CEO stated that Steamworks, Valve's own set of tools that help developers and publishers build their games on Steam, has "created a real problem for the industry," claiming that it results in broken releases on other platforms. Epic's game submission guidelines have dictated that multiplayer games must have crossplay with other PC stores, with another rule being no pornographic games.

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Yeah, we have a real problem with pornographic games on steam haven't we? Oh, wait I have not seen a single one, because I'm not going looking for something I'm not interested in.

Also probably 60 million freeloaders, and maybe 8 million actual paying users (shame on them).

I think with the multiplayer rule it is them who are creating a big problem. For smaller indie developers supporting just one platform is hard enough. Forcing them to implement crossplay for all might not be within their means.

And how do you have crossplay for exclusives anyway? Or did they stop doing that? No matter they'll always be known as the store who did that even 20 years after the last exclusivity deal.
When people start pointing fingers at others it is often because something at home isn't quite right. I wonder if Tim is experiencing sales shrinkage. There haven't been that many EGS exclusives recently, compared to a year or two ago anyway. If there have been, I haven't heard about them. I do agree there is a lot of stuff on Steam I consider junk, but I feel the same about a lot of stuff on EGS as well, and to be fair, even GOG.
Just as with streaming people don't want to deal with a number of different services, so they just choose one and stick with it. If a game is not on their preferred platform they won't go out of their way for it outside of a few really major titles.

It's not Steam's fault that Tim was late to the party and is now banging on the table demanding that the game be started again from zero.
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