Twisted Metal Is Peacock’s Most Binged Series After Setting a New Audience Viewing Record for the Streaming Service


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May 28, 2019
Execs at NBCUniversal have reason to celebrate as Twisted Metal is Peacock's most currently watched comedy series. According to Nielsen data, approximately 404 million minutes of the show were streamed during the weekend following its July 27 premiere. NBCUniversal has not yet revealed how many viewers have watched the show but it appears to be in the top five of its launched shows and according to the company, viewers often either watch it in three-episode blocks or binge the entire ten in one sitting.

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Going to start watching it tonight. Heard from one person, who played the game back on the PS1, claim they did a really good job on it.
Back in July a friend of mine said "Well as far as Twisted Metal goes, the show I'd say feels like it honors the spirit, even if there's no tournament (yet at least?) and they've changed up some character details, but the games themselves do the latter. I can say it's a great watch. Sweet Tooth in particular is I'd dare say better than his game incarnations. And they've got cool car battles."

I showed him this article, and yesterday he said "I still have the second half of that to watch at some point. It was definitely good from what I saw of it so far."
I'm not sure what I've watched or if it's good.

But for some reason I kept watching to see what happened next.

I think I'm on episode 7 or so and only stopped watching because I need to go to bed.

It's umm.. different.
I watched part of the 1st episode, liked it but had to stop to do something. I don't have a subscription so only the 1st one is available to watch.
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