UK Trade Association Collaborates with the Video Games Industry to Publish Principle Guidelines for Regulating the Availability of Loot Boxes in Games


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May 28, 2019
The UK trade association Ukie has collaborated with representatives of the video games industry to publish principles on the use of loot boxes. The 11 principles are intended as a set of guidelines for the video games industry to self-regulate the availability of loot boxes in games. Loot boxes have increasingly become more controversial and are debated to be a form of gambling causing various countries around the world to consider different types of legislation banning them. From Germany to the Netherlands, the UK to the United States, there have been inquiries into the industry's use of loot boxes by regulatory bodies looking into the possibility of banning them.

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I'm just waiting for a game to publish that has differing regional controls on loot boxes and players to start using VPN's to gain access to loot boxes.
I think it's essential that the gaming industry takes responsibility for loot boxes. They've been a hot topic, with concerns about their resemblance to gambling, so these principles could help bring some much-needed regulation. Speaking of gaming, Counter Strike is an absolute blast for me, and it's even more enjoyable with those CS2 skins. I found them on a marketplace recently, and they've added a fresh layer of excitement to the game. Skins not only make your weapons look cool but also add a personal touch to your gameplay.
Is that sarcasm or an ai generwted add looking like a response... I can't decide.
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