Unrecord Is a Photorealistic Single-Player FPS Told from the Perspective of a Tactical Police Officer’s Bodycam


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May 28, 2019
Unrecord is an upcoming photorealistic single-player FPS from Drama Studios using Unreal Engine 5 with an interesting twist. Unlike most games that attempt to let the player's view mimic their character's visual perspective, Unrecord uses the view from a tactical police officer's bodycam. Players will need to use their reflexes and wits to solve a case. Drama Studios has just released a new early gameplay trailer along with 4K screenshots showcasing the game's photorealistic visuals.

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So then, it is not an FPS, by definition. LOL.

I'm confused, why is the enemy blurred? Is this an interactive movie or is the player actually controlling the cop? Or is this a VR game? It doesn't add up.
I've no clue but I gotta say... totally uninterested.

Unless... it's Miami... spring break... beach... then... you know... maybe.
I'm confused, why is the enemy blurred?
I think maybe, and I admit I'm pulling strings here, that segment might've been trying to simulate when bodycam footage is released for a news broadcast and they're required to blur it for legal reasons. Here in the U.S., from children to the accused, faces are blurred in such instances.
makes me carsick to watch
There was actually some mention in FAQ about that. Evidently they're planning in including some options to minimize that. I'm not sure how but it was brought up.
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