Valve Releases Trailer for Half-Life: Alyx, a VR Prequel to Half-Life 2


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May 6, 2019
After 12 long years, Half-Life is finally back. Valve officially unveiled Half-Life: Alyx today, a VR return to the legendary PC franchise. The title will be released on March 2020 and can be enjoyed on any SteamVR system, but gamers who already own a Valve Index are getting it for free. While this isn't Half-Life 3, Valve stresses that Alyx is a "full-length" entry, one that takes place between the original Half-Life and its sequel.

“Everyone at Valve is excited to be returning to the world of Half-Life”, says Valve founder Gabe Newell. “VR has energized us. We’ve invested a lot of ourselves in the technology. But we’re also game developers at heart, and to be devoting ourselves to a VR game this ambitious is just as exciting. For that to come in the form of Half-Life feels like the culmination of a lot things we care a lot about: truly great games, cutting edge technology, and open platforms. We can’t wait for people to experience this.”
Wow... That actually looks really good. There are a lot of tiny little details in the animation and design that fit perfectly with VR based controls that also fit perfectly inside the game world.

I forgot how similar Valve was to classic Blizzard when it came to polish and attention to detail, unlike current Blizzard, Valve still seems to have it based on this trailer. I hope I'm not wrong.
Oh man oh man, looks awesome and has all that half life feel, no bullshit.
Is it okay to cry a little? Heheh
I peed while watching this, and the sound was off. Pretty sure the game isn't worth the hardware price tag, despite the fact I would like to try VR, but I am already trying to line up someone who has a headset.
I went into that trailer pre-hating it (due to bitterness about Valve and HL3), but damned if that wasn't impressive.
It looks great to me! Sadly I'll never play it cause I'm not gonna buy VR anytime soon.
Alright Valve you got me... If you use this to flesh out a story/plot for HL3 then I am all about it.
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