ViewSonic Launches World’s First “Designed for Xbox” X2-4K LED 4K HDR Gaming Projector with Up to 240 Hz Refresh Rate and Harman Kardon Speakers


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May 6, 2019
ViewSonic has announced that the X2-4K LED Projector for Xbox will be available beginning in July 2023 for an estimated price of $1,599.99. Billed as the world's first "Certified for Xbox" projector, the device is capable of delivering native 1440p resolution at a 120 Hz refresh rate to Xbox Series X|S users, and while 4K output is also supported, that option is limited to 60 Hz. ViewSonic's X2-4K LED Projector for Xbox, which also supports 1080p @ 240 Hz, comes with Harman Kardon speakers built in for what ViewSonic has described as an "exciting, immersive audio experience."

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Seems like overkill but perhaps it's great. Would like to see FPSreview sampled for some testing. ;)
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I've pretty much given up using a projector for gaming but that's largely due to the types of games I play. For decades it was a dream to play things largescale and I jumped into projectors about ten years ago when we got our house because the living room has a ceiling that's over 20-feet up. After moved in and setup everything I noticed the wall where we have our tv has a huge amount of space above it so eventually got our 1st projector, (1080p>1080p 3D>4K HDR10). After going through the h-ll of learning about the issues of long-run HDMI cables I eventually got all working as they should.

The Epson Home Cinema 4010 is still set up and we occasionally will watch things on it, and with the 3090-4090 GPUs I finally could game in 4K/60 fps but I noticed that I just wasn't happy with the sharpness. I know a better projector screen would help but it'll never compare to that of the C2 or Z9D so I don't even bother. It's about 30 feet from the wall and ends up projecting an image of around 300 inches. I experimented with shrinking the image but at that point, it kind of defeats the purpose.

However, I imagine for kids or families playing games where IQ isn't an obsession this Viewsonic could be really nice. The 2900 lumens is actually pretty good, brighter than our 4010 which is 2400 lumens. The real catch is that most large 4K panels have really dropped in price in recent years and you could get a 75" with some, not all, of these features. I'm always shocked at some of the things I see when I walk into Sam's, and it's extremely bright there, and their prices.
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