What is on your PC Gaming plate right now?

Game is good, but runs like piss on nVIDIA cards, It is literally unplayable on my 2080ti unless I completely turn off all RT effects, and even then it is not smooth, with sub 20 fps lows. With RT it goes to 1-2FPS in some areas, while remaining playable in others. But I haven't tried it with the latest NV driver yet that came out yesterday.
This sounds more like how Portal RTX runs on AMD cards (my RX6800 is roughly in the range of a 2080Ti?). And that game wasn't meant to really run well on anything except the 40-series, while on the other hand I played through The Witcher 3 on the same RX6800 with RT on.

I'm thinking this mess is more due to devs choosing not to optimize the game.

I'm surprised. I wonder if that performance issue is by design. Meaning Nvidia wants you to upgrade for the better gaming experience.

Nvidia may be a more revenue- and margin-focused entity than most are comfortable with, but this seems pretty counter-productive. There's a thin line between 'less than optimal performance' and 'virtually unplayable', though.
It's definitely a bug multiple people reported that the game runs fine for 5-10 minutes then drops to 2-3FPS for no apparent reason.
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