What is on your PC Gaming plate right now?

Just got my new hotas thrustmaster stick, so it will be Ace Combat 7 this weekend....
I started playing Death Stranding a few weeks ago, but it kind of fizzled out. It didn't hook me. The story is typical pretentious Kojima, and the gameplay was mediocre at best, not enough to hook me without a decent story.

There are good elements in the game scattered amongst all the tedium, but it's not enough.

I got hold of Mass Effect Legendary edition, that I refused to buy on principle. But someone just randomly gifted it to me (you know who you are if you are reading, thank you again).

Started playing and despite having played it 10 times already at least, this game is still enjoyable. I'm glad it's not me that is the problem, it's just that new games suck. Don't get me wrong it's bad, but still better than me becoming an apathetic old man.
Since getting the new 5800X3D processor and seeing what a difference it's made I've been going back and replaying some games (again).

Mostly finished both Crysis 1 + 2 Remastered editions. I'll probably finish them this weekend. The third remastered version is a marginal upgrade from the original so I doubt I'll be doing that one anytime soon.

Started another Metro Exodus game but recently finished Sam's Story (again).

Still moving along with Horizon Zero Dawn.

CB2077 is next on the plate as soon I these others are done.

At some point, I plan to get back to God of War for the side missions.
I finished Horizon Zero Dawn a couple of weeks back and loved it.
Just finished doing a complete playthrough of Crysis 1-3 remastered. A lot of fun in 4K and 5120x1440 with the recent hardware upgrades.
Still playing Metro Exodus again but thinking about tinkering with the RE remastered games again soon. I'm almost done with a playthrough of RE Village but on the 2nd to the last level, the factory, which is my least favorite part of the game.
Still tinkering with CB 2077 and RDR2. I honestly can't remember how many times I've restarted these games.
Thinking of going back to do some of the side missions in GOW soon.
Finally got trough the main campaign of Wonderlands, the story is pretty fun, the side quest with Gerrit of Trivia was a nice ode.

Still some sidequests to do, not a big fan of the overworld style map and it also seems somewhat bugged (I have picked up the same scroll 4-5 times already and it still shows up).

Also playing trough the latest Ratchet and Clanck and getting ready for WoW's next expac, big update comming this week.
I mentioned in another thread that I finally got into playing CP 2077. Put in just over 35 hours (I mistakenly said over 50 in that thread because I forgot about 20 from all the previous restarts and benching) at this point and am probably about halfway through. Trying to do as many side missions as I can so it's taking a bit. Having gotten a bit deeper into it now I can recognize many of the writing/story styles of CDPR/The Witcher 3 in it.

The goal after this is to get back to the side missions for GOW. SM Miles will fit into that somewhere also and then there's Dead Space in January.

I'm not sure if I'll do A Plague's Tale. Not really into rats and all that. D-Con and traps, sure. A game with endless droves as a curse/power well . . .The game does look amazing though.

edit: and at some point get back to finishing Avengers.
Whenever I try to get into a new game, it always seems to me reverting back to Civ V + Vox Populi mod, or Hades for action. If I can't get into a new game in more then 30-60 mins I seem to revert to the old standbys. I paid $ for Old World... try to play it... then after 30 mins get frustrated and go back to Civ. *sighs loudly* Guess I'm getting old and my brain doesn't want to learn new things....

The problem with Vox is, it starts off great but by the time you get halfway in (medieval or industrial eras) it just grinds down to a crawl. You can have a supercomputer and it still takes 5 mins between turns in the later parts of the game.
I seen where they released a new Serious Sam game last month. Huge fan of the first three.

It's an old school shoot em up shooter that gets crazier as you progress through the levels. The whole game can be played solo or co-op style. Lots of fun with a bunch of people in the game, since the amount of enemies/monsters that spawn scale with the number of players.

If anyone wants to join me this weekend hit me up on Steam: Skillz is my alias (2399 skull image)
I would love the Serious Sam games if they had just some better enemy designs, I realy can't stand them, got to be some of the worst ever made.
On my PC I'm still playing Rift primarily - for a dead MMO, it's still got me hooked -- going on 18 months now I guess.

Just finished the first ending on Bravely Default II on the Steam Deck -- the game is much more interesting on the Deck than it is on the PC (granted, it was primarily developed as a Switch/3DS title, so maybe that makes sense).
II just started playing Control. I have a huge catalog of unplayed games as I was without a card since the start of the pandemic.

Gotta say you really don't want to use DLSS @1080p, but @4k it looks and runs great on a RTX3070Ti.
I would love the Serious Sam games if they had just some better enemy designs, I realy can't stand them, got to be some of the worst ever made.

Yeah some of their stuff in The First Encounter and The Second Encounter are pretty lame, but it fits. Serious Sam 3 added a bunch of new enemies with different abilities, but all the old ones are still there as well.

They don't have much replay value, so if you aren't really a fan of the series then I'd suggest only buying them when they're on deep sales. I know you can get The Second Encounter for under $15. $5 in some places and I'm pretty sure they merged First Encounter and Second Encounter into one game. I've also seen Serious Sam 3 for as low as $5 during sales.

IMHO, the ~3 - 4 hours of playing through the game once is worth at least $5.

Haven't ever played that one.

This was their newest one, Serious Sam 3 (10 years ago)

So I suspect Serious Sam 4 to follow right behind Serious Sam 3.
I would love the Serious Sam games if they had just some better enemy designs, I realy can't stand them, got to be some of the worst ever made.
IMO they got progressively worse as time went on. They were always mindless shooters introducing waves of monsters which worked. The later games are more about solving puzzles in between waves on monsters which kind of turned me off of the franchise.
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