Winamp Returns from the Dead with a New Release Candidate

WinAmp was neat. SoundJam was my favorite, before Apple trashed it.
I loved WinAmp back in the day but those were mp3 days. I've been using Foobar2000 since for all my hi-res audio stuff but if this reincarnation does a good job I'll be happy to go back.
I still use Winamp 5 (v5.66) as my main music-listening program cuz I got an OpenAL output plugin for it (so audio actually gets processed on my X-Fi, cuz f*ck the sh1tty-@ss Realtek audio on the mobo), and cuz I listen to a lot of video game music tracks in their native ripped-from-the-cartridges formats, so I have plugins for Winamp 5 that emulate the various sound chips from different game consoles. For years I used Winamp 5 to rip audio CDs to FLAC before I discovered Exact Audio Copy.
I still use 5.66 every day, streaming from Chilltrax.... it is crushing my system using a whopping total of 8mb.
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