Windows 8.1 Users Will Begin Receiving End of Support Notifications from Microsoft Next Month


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May 6, 2019
Microsoft will begin sending notifications to Windows 8.1 users next month to remind them that their aging operating system will be reaching end of support relatively soon.

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Not even going to waste the time to find the forums of those saying they won't abandon it but this was an OS I pretty much jumped to 10 from within months or weeks after its release. I can understand all those who don't want to leave 7 but I doubt there are that many still clinging to it. I'd only gotten 8/8.1 in order to use the latest DX APIs and it was the oddest Windows OS I've ever used. It was like the Dos 3.0 of Windows. It was an improvement over 8 but still pretty weird.
Never used Win8, and still sometimes forget it even existed.

All you suckaz running Win7, Win10, or even Win11 hella missed out. The best Windows ever made was Windows 9, and it was only released to a select elite few. It also won't ever go EoL, Microsoft has pledged to support it for life. That's what I'm running. No other Windows OS comes close. The last OS you'll ever need for the rest of your life. So good it will even get those Linux nutballs to switch over to Windows. Once I got Win9 I stopped booting into Manjaro. If Microsoft released Win9 to public, Apple would cease to exist the following day. That's how devastating the blow would be. Microsoft cares about the health of the market though, so they won't annihilate Apple. Not anytime soon anyways.

If you want I can hook you guys up. PayPal me $450 and I'll send you the Win9 ISO.
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