World’s 1st Fiber Optic 8K Ready HDMI Cable


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May 28, 2019


VIVIFY is taking pre-orders for the worlds first fiber optic 8K ready HDMI cable. Even as most of us are barely able to take advantage of 4k gaming it’s worth noting this next gen cable.
  • Model: ARQUUS W75
  • HDMI 2.1
  • Length 15ft
  • 48 Gbps
  • 8K 60Hz/4k 120Hz
  • HDCP 2.3
  • Dynamic HDR
  • eARC 192Khz, 24 bit, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X
  • YCbCr 4:2:0, YCbCr 4:4:4
Now most will scoff and say who cares about 8K and I mostly agree with that. At this point it’s more hype as console makers begin to brag about what their forthcoming next generation releases may be capable of. The real story here is what the cable can do for users now.

Since the days of 1080p/3d I’ve seen how a poorly made, or rated, cable can hamper display options for either video or PC gaming. When 4k came out I again saw the same issues with 4k/60Hz/HDR which in turn led me to research fiber optic 48 Gbps cables before HDMI 2.1 was out. It’s paid off as they’ve allowed us to enjoy 1440p/120hz/G-Sync on a LG C9. Now we’re beginning to get displays capable of VRR 4k/120Hz even though HDMI 2.1 hasn’t made it to GPU’s yet. Having the right cable is crucial to getting the most out of your display. A known factor of HDMI is that it can have a bit of overhead traffic so going with a spec that’s a little higher than what you need can actually help.
So there are transceivers built into the connectors of each end? I thought HDMI cables were wired.
Fiber optic HDMI huh? Interesting.
When I got us a 4k projector the HDMI cables I was using at the time gave me issues for trying to get 4:4:4 w/ HDR. Started looking around and found out about them. Further research and I found a great deal at MonoPrice for some that were about 40% cheaper than Amazon at the time. Got two. One is running from the receiver to the projector and another is running from the AMD rig, next to the projector, back to the t.v.

They're awesome. You can run longer cables while enjoying the benefits of shorter ones. An interesting thing to note is that they're unidirectional only. I.E. they have arrows on the connectors indication a source and destination plug. I'm able to send 4k/HDR/4:4:4 or 8 bit full RGB/60hz/Atmos to the t.v. across ~30ft. No drop outs. Unfortunately since my GPU is only HDMI 2.0b I can't enjoy 4k/120hz, yet, but am able to have 1440p/120hz/G-Sync on the LG C9.
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