Yikes, What happened to the Front Page?

Well, if the social icons aren't appearing in the top bar, then it must mean your window size isn't the full width of the page, as that does look thicker than I thought I had it set.

So... The question would be, what window width are you giving it? And does the bar get thinner if you stretch your browser out to say, 1200px?

My bad. All of my browsing is at 1200x1600, but I block social icons by default. Forgot to turn that off before taking the screenshot.

Here it is with all plugins disabled:


I never intentionally blocked them on this site, but it seems to have carried over from others where I blocked them due to obnoxious site design where the social icons covered the actual content and I couldn't read the article.
Not sure if the bars are thick, or the main banner / logo is just small relative to the rest of the page.

I mean, the font for the headline main article is almost bigger than the logo itself. And if I'm just looking back - most everything, including the bars, looks fairly proportional -- except that main logo header; the graphic is a bit small and the padding a bit thin relative to everything else.

At least to my untrained eye.
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