Nice review. It was interesting to see what the card can do when pushed to the limits without needing to worry about cooling.

I'm curious if the increase in performance is more about the core clock increase or the RAM overclock. I thought I remember reading somewhere that it seemed as if the 5700XT tended to be a bit bandwidth starved.

And it's a pity the card chews through so much power. I wonder if a refresh/respin is possible in order to decrease the power needed. It wouldn't surprise me if that's one of the reasons we have yet to see a big Navi. The increase in power draw and heat output on that would not be pretty.
Well, this next Monday I will have one of these to play with.
This thing is huge, ****. I thought the RX 480 strix was bigIMG_20191231_181403.jpg
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It is incredibly loud. Not digging it
Strix is normally very quiet so I would see if you get it swapped out if you bought it from like a standard etailer or something.
I had a strix for my launch 1080 and it had a bad fan right out the gate. I took it back without issue and my noise and heat issues were a thing of the past.
Is there a waterblock out there for this model?.
I don't think I want to send mine off and if I have to do the work I'm gonna make it worth my while.

Upon further inspection of the card, some of the thermal pads don't make good contact.
So I think I'd either add a waterblock or trade it.
I just bought one of the 5700XTs (Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT Gaming OC 8G). Arrives today. My GTX 1080 went tits-up over the weekend. The card should be more than enough for 1080p, and I'm hoping to get to 1440p over the summer. Planning on a pair of 27" monitors and a new desk.
So far I'm pleased with what I have in my new card. I have not gotten any of the driver issues I was having with the 1080 (PC Freezes, and the driver recovers 10-15 seconds later). Now, to be clear I thoroughly troubleshot the 1080 problems, and for whatever reason I wasn't able to get them cleared up. I DDU'ed, I swapped cards with another 1080, I even did a fresh install of Win 10. I even contemplated the PSU as being the issue, but this card has been rock solid so far. Did a couple of streams with it, and it's been good too.
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