Did Adata Substitute SSD’s on Black Friday Orders?


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May 28, 2019

Well unfortunately for them and their customers the answer is yes. Barely a day after their press release for their XPG line’s compatibility with Ryzen 9 and Threadripper 3 series CPUs Adata is now getting some less than favorable press. This time around it involves their SX8200 Pro and SX8100 SSD’s. Tom’s Hardware has reported on how Adata tried to implement a plan when they sold out of the SX8200 Pro’s on Rakuten on Black Friday. It seems when they sold out they announced the SX8200 Pro’s would not be back in stock until December 22nd. Their plan was to ship customers a SX8100 model instead and then email customers who purchased the SX8200 Pro about options moving forward. One customer posted the email on reddit.

The email stated,

” We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to an issue at the port, the 8200 item you ordered was delayed and will be delayed until the week of 12/22. We had sent out messages regarding this previously, however some people did not receive this message, that is why we are sending another one. Due to the long wait, we offered customers to swap to the 8100 to avoid the long delay as an option and if there was no response, the 8100 would be shipped. If you received the 8100 and wish to return it, please let us know as we offer free returns and will provide you with a free return label to ship 8100 back to us for a refund or for the 8200 once it is back in stock on the week of 12/22. “

Needless to say that not everyone is happy with this solution. Some on that thread are also stating they did not get the email but did get the 8100. Tom’s reached out to Adata and Marketing Manager Chris Kuo stated they hadn’t managed their inventory very well, a lesson learned for them, and in the future will ship out replacements to customers who reply or cancel orders for those who don’t.

Rakuten and Adata are working with customers to resolve this. Have any of you had this experience?
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Was there a cost or capacity difference between the swap? I’m not familiar with Adata’s products.

Not cool exactly, but if Adata upgraded the order that’s great, if they downgraded — and especially if they did so without refunding any cost delta — then let them burn. It sounds like they at least tried to make contact (if that is true)
I've never dealt with ADATA as far as RMA'ing or replacing anything .. but I RMA'd a video card once and they sent me 2 back in return. I posted a "what would you do" thread over at [H] years ago and ended up contacting them and returning the extra video card they sent to me by mistake.

All the ADATA products I have used have worked without issue though..
if they downgraded
Unfortunately, according to Tom's, the 8100 is a downgrade. It was the previous model with slower speeds. One user in threads said it was known to have heat issues but I'm not sure if that's confirmed.
I mean they are working to resolve it yeah but the fact that they pulled this in the first place is really disrespectful.
Sounds to me like a little bit of bait and switch.
I mean they are working to resolve it yeah but the fact that they pulled this in the first place is really disrespectful.
They are banking on people being too lazy to send it back. I wonder if they’ll get a credit or something since it is a downgrade.
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