Ghost of Tsushmia (PS4) - all I can say is WOW


Aug 15, 2019
On sale right now for $39!

I got this for Xmas. I didn't want to buy any more PS4 games personally with PS5 looming, but gifts are A-OK :)

Anyway, I played for about 5 hours yesterday, on my old launch model PS4. Looks like today's football schedule is garbage, so might get some more in today.

WOW! Just WOW! How did Sucker Punch pull this off on a 7+ year old console? It looks AMAZING. And this is coming from a PCMR person. It just looks... alive. Everything flows with the wind and moves. The little foxes that pop up to show you where shrines are hidden. The combat. If you showed this to people who didn't know it was a PS4 game, they would surely think it's next gen. The story is good, the voice acting is good. Part of me wishes I had chosen to play in Japanese with subtitles, but I just didn't want to read subtitles all the time on a 20-40 hour game.

This is the first game I have played that really nails HDR. The sun rays, sunsets, the lighting at night, just super cool.

The combat is deceptively tough even on wimp mode (easy). I need to work on my block/dodge/parry better. You can't just jump into a crowd and start slashing, that is the path to repeat death.

Anyone who has a PS4 and hasn't seen this is missing out. Go get it. I typically don't love open world games, but so far it's all good.

If I have to gripe... it certainly seems like there is always "stuff" flying around. Leaves, etc. I mean like always. It looks cool but I find it a little odd. Who knows, maybe that's the way it was back in 500 AD or whenever. No one with leaf blowers cleaning up, LOL.

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