What is on your PC Gaming plate right now?

I've tried this game a couple of times, and I get so F'n lost.

Seems like a L4D formula, but no single player campaign. I queue up, get the group - and they run off immediately. I get lost, ate by whatever the enemy is once I get swarmed with my L1 weapons and armor and abilities, and just stare at my dead body as the rest of the group carries me to victory.

It makes me realize what I bad gamer I truly am. It looks like it could be really cool. Maybe I'm just missing something.
On the lowest diff everyone just bum rushes but you can complete everything by playing maps with the AI. The maps are pretty linear until you play with someone that knows where to find all the tomes or grimoires which increases difficulty. Makes me really miss all the fun from l4d.
Currently well entrenched in World of Warcraft right now. Plugging along with BfA right now but eagerly awaiting Classic release next week.

Once in a while I'll fire up Minecraft and putz around with some of the newer 1.14.4 modpacks that are starting to trickle out. If not Minecraft I'll fire up Binding of Issac for some fun as well.
Well finished the 2nd play thru of SOTTR in 4k/HDR and another of Crysis 3 with the 2080TI in 1440p averaging 70-100+ fps with maxed settings. Card still can't hold it at a solid 60 in 4k :( Oh well.

Started a game of Vampyr since it's a origin vault game now. Kind of fun but getting a little bored. Not very demanding though. The 1080TI is holding 50-60 fps in 4k. This and Bard's Tale IV will be what I'm playing for a while. Excited about the Resident Evil game that got posted today though. Might play some Alan Wake at some point too.
My focus is 3 fold:

1. Completing every achievement, Badass tasks in BL:TPS and BL 2. This'll take awhile.

2. Finishing FO3 without dying while using stock game weapons. Currently halfway through and while I haven't bit the bucket I've come really close; as in one health increment away.

3. Getting max population in Fallout Shelter with 100% happiness. Come close (97%) but haven't hit the magic number as of yet
I'll have a ton of games on my plate shortly. By the end of this year I'll probably be playing the following:

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
Halo Masterchief Collection: Halo Reach on PC

Plus whatever else I might be interested in. October / November is usually the time of year when every company releases a bunch of stuff to get it out there for the holiday season.
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Well I started Alan Wake over the weekend. Kind of fun. For not being a big time AAA game it actually has a nice look to it.

I also started a new play thru of ROTTR since I haven't played it in 4k with the 2080TI and T.V. I got last winter. Looks absolutely amazing. Kept AA at FXAA with most everything else maxed. I do keep most post processing stuff turned off though(lens flares, motion blur, etc.). It was holding mostly solid 60 FPS(v-sync on) @ 4096x2160 using my OC settings on the 2080TI. A few dips but rare and was using between 6GB-9.5GB of Vram. Looking forward to another play thru. It was interesting in that after recently doing a play thru of SOTTR, and using the ray tracing effects at Ultra, I could really see a difference going back to Rise. The textures still look amazing but I really noticed the difference in shadows and lighting. It's definitely a game that gets better looking on a big screen in 4k.

Still need to go back to Bard's Tale IV and Vampyr but the remastered Ghostbusters should be out this week and I'll likely focus on that more since it's one of my favorite games.
Later this week, I'll have Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and Ghost Recon Breakpoint added to the list. Of course, having actual time to play is another matter.
Been playing Wreckfest again lately. Great looking game and a lot of fun.
Working on Borderlands 3 right now. Haven't played in over a week due to life and work but should get some screen time this weekend.
Patiently waiting for COD:MW Reboot to release on 10/24.

Nothing else interests me right now. PUBG for when I'm really bored.
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Playing COD Modern Warfare now. Nice looking and fun game with RTX enabled.
Burned through Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 this weekend then started MOH Pacific Assualt.

Slow grinding For Honor single player. Also eye balling Hellblade and Shadow of the Tomb Raider really hard with those sale prices.
Playing COD Modern Warfare now. Nice looking and fun game with RTX enabled.

Indeed. I haven't had much time with it, but the single-player campaign is thus far solid. The multiplayer was alright in the beta, but it needed a ton of work as far as balance goes.
I've only played it in MP for right now and it's definitely better than the beta. May give the SP a try this weekend.
I've only played it in MP for right now and it's definitely better than the beta. May give the SP a try this weekend.

I finished it and it was an awesome experience. Definitely the best I've had from a MP focused game like that in years if not ever. It only takes about 4-6 hours to knock out depending on difficulty and your level of skill.
Night and day as far as graphics are concerned between MP and SP. SP looks absolutely amazing.

My "plate" currently..

I won't lie though, it's mostly Grim Dawn and WoW Classic.

Escape from Tarkov definitely deserves more attention. (check it out guys)
I cleared the single player campaign of Modern Warfare 2019. What little I've played of the multiplayer hasn't been terribly positive, so I may wait awhile before diving into that too much more. The rest of what little I have that passes for free time has been taken up with Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion which has been excellent. Destiny 2 has never been in a better place than it is right now.

Night and day as far as graphics are concerned between MP and SP. SP looks absolutely amazing.

This has almost always been the case when comparing SP vs. MP graphics in games that offer both.
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