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  1. EA CEO Says NFT and Play-to-Earn Games Are the Future of the Industry

    What a turn off of a comment from them.
  2. Seagate Introduces Star Wars Beskar Ingot Drives, SSDs and HDDs Inspired by Mandalorian Iron

    Going to have to disagree with you regarding this product here. These honestly look pretty **** cool aesthetically speaking. I will say in other product areas I do agree with you!
  3. Amd has released update for their cpus unde windows 11

    Downloaded and installed, seems to be a small improvement.
  4. PlayStation 3 Emulator RPCS3 Can Now Boot the Entire PS3 Library

    Great team behind that emulator. Been watching them for a while now.
  5. Facebook Is Reportedly Changing Its Company Name

    If this works for them I will become more cynical in life.
  6. GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3060 GAMING OC 12G Review

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed the review Brian_B.
  7. GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3060 GAMING OC 12G Review

    Continue reading...
  8. Facebook Records for 533 Million Users Leaked

    Deleted mine so many years ago thankfully.
  9. Some Users Are Working on Fixes to Make Windows 11 Look like Windows 10

    I agree with this and I know that might be un-popular lol. I won't deny that MS makes mistakes with some UI elements and I can appreciate that perspective as I do think its got validity. I personally have never felt incredibly lost in W10 or W11. So far in W11 I see only one area with an extra...
  10. Some Users Are Working on Fixes to Make Windows 11 Look like Windows 10

    Its not a difficult interface. Takes a few moments to learn it really. I get being used to an OS but things constantly change and sometimes you have to adapt.
  11. Ubisoft to Reveal New Tom Clancy’s Game Tomorrow, Sending Splinter Cell Fans into High Alert

    I feel the same here, I love that series but it took a downward trajectory a few games in.
  12. Red Dead Redemption 2 NVIDIA DLSS Update Now Available, Improving Performance by Up to 45 Percent at 4K

    Downloading now, got to add this to the data I am collecting.
  13. Razer Announces New Razer Blade 17 Laptops with Intel Core i7-11800H Processors and GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs

    I keep thinking of getting one of these larger notebooks for travel gaming, but I can't fully decide if the extra heft and weight is worth the minor increase in screen real estate.
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