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  1. Valve Accused of Ignoring Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Affecting All Source Engine Games

    Yeah, but Steam is good and Epic is a security risks Steam's fanatics praise. /s Steam still allow scammers to send its users fake "I accidentally reported you" etc. scams that hijacks / ruins it users accounts but blame its users because Steam allows these fake accounts to cause such havok...
  2. Valve Is Reportedly Trying to Get Xbox Game Pass on Steam

    Nah, I totally disagree. Steam is finally feeling threatened now from the aggressive action from Epic and now, MS's GP could seriously hurt Steam's users base. Why pay Steam's price when you can just pay an all-you-can-eat for much less on GP? GP is not going to cater or bend for everybody...
  3. Valve Is Reportedly Trying to Get Xbox Game Pass on Steam

    This makes zero sense for MS. Why pay Steam a ridiculous 30% for the privilege to be on its closed platform for an already popular platform that does not need Steam or any other storefront to gain more avenue? If anything, it would be even wiser for MS to just purchase Steam and be done...
  4. Epic Games Store Faces at Least $330 Million in Unrecouped Costs, Won’t Be Profitable until 2023 at Earliest

    This is a nothing burger and calling gamers freeloaders (sounds like a jelly Steam's fanatic) for not passing up on a deal is just straigt-up foolish and an embarrassment to themselves to be called a gamer after how much we have all put into this industry for decades to just to receive a little...
  5. Microsoft Teases Square Enix’s Outriders for Xbox Game Pass

    Square Enix knows that Outriders has a very controversial characters' choice roster, clone gameplay from Gears, etc. and ultimately, Outriders has not gain much love from gamers and its another (but much worse) Marvel's Avengers flop and its just in CYA funding mode to guarantee solid sales numbers.
  6. Game Developer for Hogwarts Legacy Resigns

    If you don't support / allie with today's cult concerns, you're automatically labeled some type of *phobia* hatred in these woke / sjw minds now that has a tiny fraction of a voice in a industry that never needed that mess ideology for off-the-charts growth... EVER... and never will. Dude is...
  7. Capcom Partners with AMD to Enhance Ray Tracing in Resident Evil Village, Putting NVIDIA DLSS Support into Question

    So, GTX cards will be deliberately nerf again in RE8 just like in Dirt 5, Godfall, etc? Gotcha!
  8. Aliens: Fireteam Is a Cooperative Third-Person Survival Shooter Set 23 Years after the Original Alien Trilogy

    If it's not boring hide-n-seek or mindless shoot'em up bang-bang, the Alien franchise games has no other purpose but dead SSD space allocated.
  9. Activision Warns That Standard PS4 Models (500 GB) May No Longer Fit Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

    I blame this storage shortage issue on storage device's manufactures. They've been knowing for years (way before we knew) that game files, 4K/8K content, etc. will only get larger and they just sat there on inflated ssd storages prices and waited for this day. An old SATA III 860 EVO 2TB...
  10. DOOM Eternal Sequel Could Star Female Doom Slayer

    *sighs* I wonder how the snowflakes would respond to changing Lara Croft as the protagonist in Tomb Raider but for the next TR game, Crystal Dynamics use Jonah Maiava as the protagonist?
  11. NVIDIA Clarifies That GeForce RTX Cryptocurrency Mining Limiter Goes beyond Drivers, BIOS Involved

    Yeah, I tried to tell the scripted kiddies / inf driver modders that this implementation will require a 3-way authenticator / handshake for future RTXs cards but some geeks / wannbe hackers also think they can force missle launches too.
  12. Rockstar Games Won’t Abandon the Single-Player Experience

    Take-Two has proven that Disney should've worked out a Marvel's Avengers-Universe / Star Wars collaboration with Rockstar for its next open-galaxy project, not rinse-n-repeat mimicked titles from UbisoftY.
  13. AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPUs and 500 Series Motherboards Have Abnormally High Failure Rates, Suggests PowerGPU

    This is why you take all early reviewers glorifying metrics opinions with a tub of salt and wait for world circulation for that product analysis or wear out the refresh button on that OEMs media channels for CONSUMERS feedback.
  14. Ubisoft to Reduce Reliance on AAA Releases, Increase Focus on F2P Games and Back Catalog

    So, let me pick. Should I gaf about a lazy pubs/dev that refuse to create a decent story-driven game for $60, plus a few inexpensive expansions that would bring QoL and hundreds/thousands of hours of fun gameplay OR should I accept the pubs/devs F2P(?) game and allow that game to jack me out of...
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